2012-09-14 18:24:24 by AtomK

It's like the fourth time I say I'm working... but I have been busy with the school's marching band... because tomorrow is the Independence's day in Nicaragua, and I will play in it. My friend (who makes Maravilla's voice) has been sick for a long time... but now we are recording the last scenes and maybe the episode will be finished in three weeks... Wish me luck for tomorrow!!


PD: Maybe I will introduce a new character for the flash... a friend will help me with the voice! :)

Tired... but satisfied! :3

2012-07-03 18:05:44 by AtomK

Working on Baka Naruto 3... I went to the Retro Anime Expo in Managua City... It was great! I will share you a photo...

Tired... but satisfied! :3


2012-06-13 19:38:31 by AtomK


Promise is promise! I told ya I will upload the episode... and I did it..! And now, I will be making new stuff more often, 'cause It seems that people liked the That's the point! 1... for now I will be working on Baka Naruto again, and this time I will make something "decent" for your eyes... See ya later...

-- AtomK Kuchiki Kiryuu de Uchiha Lawliet (my complete name, as an Otaku girl... PS: Uchiha... is for Itachi, don't get confused!)


¡Lo prometido es deuda! Les dije que subiría el episodio... y lo hice! Ahora, estaré en proceso de seguir la secuela, porque parece que a la gente le gustó el That's the point! 1... por ahora estaré trabajando en el Baka Naruto otra vez, y esta vez haré algo "decente" para sus ojos... Los veo después...!

-- AtomK Kuchiki Kiryuu de Uchiha Lawliet (mi nombre completo, como una Otaku... PD: Uchiha... es por Itachi, no se confundan!!)

Coming soon...

2012-05-14 19:16:06 by AtomK

Hi... I will upload the first episode.... maybe next week. Science fair project... fail! :(
It'll be here at that time, I hope.

Thanks for waiting...

--- > ENGLISH:

Hi, everybody! Sorry for the shortage of stuff on my account, I've been very busy with this thing of the first episode of That's The point! Sure you will like that work... at least. However, my previous flashes (people who voted said this) were a totally failure... I hope this time they have more acceptance, and I will consider all the reviews you put on those works. Finally I'd like to say "Thanks" to everyone for your reviews and scores... Have a nice day, See ya soon >.< (:

--- > ESPAÑOL (Lo que escribi en ingles no se si se va a entender, porque no lo domino bien, SORRY):

Hola a todo el mundo! Perdon por la escasez de material en mi cuenta. He estado muy ocupada con este asunto del primer episodio de ¡Ese es el punto! (That's the point!); seguro que les gustará al menos. Sin embargo, mis anteriores flashes fueron (la gente que votó opinó esto) totalmente un fracaso...! Espero que esta vez tengan más aceptación, y consideraré profundamente todas las críticas que han puesto en dichos trabajos. Para finalizar, me gustaría decir "Gracias" a todos por sus comentarios y puntuaciones. ¡Que tengan un buen día! Nos vemos pronto... :D xD